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  • Age: 2018
  • Sex: neutered male long haired Malinois
  • Size: 65lbs
  • Trained in: Detection, USAR agility, functional obedience, foundational tracking and bite work
Vaarzjo is the most unique Malinois you will ever meet! A half brother to Vetruv, he is in possession of the temperament, working ability, and accommodating nature that she has. Vaar is an incredible dog. His athleticism, intelligence, clear head, and solid drives make him a contender for any working job or sport. He is the easiest dog to have around – perfect in the pen, crate, vehicle, and house. He has an immense will to please and desires a strong connection with his handler and a lot of work to do. He’s been a lot of fun bikejoring and is lightning fast! He is friendly with people, cats, and dogs, and will happily be neutral to dogs if asked to be. There is simply nothing negative about this dog.

I’ve been training him for a working placement; preferably SAR or detection. He’s ready to be put on odor in detection and start training systematic searching. I think he’ll be the perfect explosives detection dog as he’s the ideal candidate for working around the public and his detection style is calm and methodical (but when he gets his reward he’s not as calm – so reward him away from the exposives!). He also has very solid functional obedience and USAR (FSA) – style agility. He’s also been started on tracking and he’s very good at it as well. He also has a foundation in bite work and his hard grip and clear head make him a stand out. He could very easily go USAR or detection; his buyer currently has the option to choose – but I’ll be putting him on odor relatively soon. And obviously he’s super stunning – turns heads wherever he goes.

Vaar is a super special dog and I’ll be looking for the ideal placement for him; I’ll want his new handler to have high drive dog experience, a job for him, and the desire to spend a lot of quality time with him as he deserves no less.

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