Planned Litters

Roy les Betulacees x Quita les Betulacees

Sire – Roy les Betulacees

Roy les Betulacees

Dam – Quita les Betulacees

Quita les Betulacees

First planned litter fall/winter 2021.

This litter is the one I’ve been waiting for! Theo Berkers, the breeder of both Quita and Roy, was quite excited about this litter too. One of the puppies might be going back to Belgium to live with grandpa!  Quita and Roy both have exceptional pedigrees, wonderful temperaments, proven working ability, and physical attributes that balance each other out nicely. I expect perfectly sized (50-55lbs) puppies with sweet temperaments, high hunt and prey drives, strong will to please, excellent conformation, deep pigment in traditional dark fawn/red and black, and LOTS of personality. This litter is suited for just about anything under the sun. This is a premium quality litter the likes of which is very difficult to find outside of Europe

Monty Extra Temperament x Missal’s Happy Warrior “Vetruv”

Sire – Monty Extra Temperament

Monty Extra Temperament

Dam – Missal’s Happy Warrior

Vetruv Attack

Puppies expected early November 2021.

A big thank you to Tim Karchnak for making his IPO3 dog Monty available to use in my breeding program! Monty is an athletic, accomplished dog with a deep, impressive pedigree. Monty is a half brother to Roy’s sire Baxter Ostraryka. Monty has competed on four world championship teams with Tim, placing 11th out of 140 dogs at the 2016 FCI all-breed world championships in Slovenia.  I like Monty’s workmanlike, efficient and powerful style on the field and his clear will to please. He and Tim make a cohesive team and I think this trait will match up well with Vetruv’s handler focus and deep connection with her human. They are complimentary to each other physically; about the same size with strong heads and solid toplines. Monty brings a heavier coat, deeper chest, and a stronger, thicker neck which will balance out the more willowy (but still substantial) Vetruv very nicely. Vetruv has beautiful dark pigment and a tighter coat. I expect very athletic medium to larger size dogs (possibly outside of the breed standard, but not by too much – both dogs are 65lbs and neither is taller than breed standard. Vetruv is right at the very top but not over), with strong pigment, deep masks, very nice character and temperament and the ability to excel in sport or working venues. Drives will be intense but malleable for the experienced handler. If you want to compete in IGP this is a great litter for you. Both dogs excel at tracking, and Vetruv is solid at detection and obedience. This is a versatile litter that is sure to produce very nice dogs for any venue. Puppies from this litter start at $2500.

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