The Application Process

Bringing puppies into the world is a serious undertaking. Responsible breeders don’t breed a litter until they have a significant number of reservations to ensure that puppies are readily placed in appropriate homes. It is a hardship, and detrimental to my puppies and adult dogs, to have buyers drop off the list if they get cold feet, change their minds, weren’t serious to begin with, or turn out to have been on multiple litter lists at the same time. It is important to me to entertain enquiries only from people who are serious about the purchase. Please take the time to think about the implications of purchasing a high drive competition quality working Belgian Malinois before asking me or any other Malinois breeder to be on their litter list.

With this in mind, I no longer reserve spots on the litter lists or the waiting list without a deposit in place. I have enacted the following process to reserve a puppy or apply for any available dog:

If you are serious about purchasing a puppy or a dog, please review the sample contract to be sure you understand the terms. If the contract meets with your approval, submit a $500 deposit (Contact me directly for payment options) and fill out the questionnaire below. Once I receive your deposit, I will process your application to determine whether the dog in question, or the puppies available, are a good fit. If I determine that I don’t have a suitable dog for you, I will return your deposit in full. If I approve your application, the deposit is non-refundable (except in the event that I end up not having a suitable dog/puppy available for you, in which case the deposit is 100% refundable) and all contract terms apply to the transaction. 

If you are interested in a planned litter and or an available dog and want more information before committing, you are welcome to email me directly. However, please be aware that I have limited time to answer extensive questions without a firm commitment/demonstrated serious interest in purchasing a dog or puppy in the form of placing a deposit. It is too easy to spend many hours conversing with a curious person only to discover they don’t have a real intention to make a purchase. 

Please note that although the sample contract doesn’t state a price for puppies as this is determined by the litter pairing, 2022 puppy prices start at $3,000.00. Adult dogs are priced according to their training and abilities; please email me for pricing on a specific dog before you submit your deposit. Be certain that these prices are affordable for you before applying. Your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE if your application is approved and a suitable dog available. I do not move deposits to a different litter or dog unless arrangements are made ahead of time. 

Sample Contract Download